Experience with cameras +

See the cameras, accessories and audio equipment

I have used and the projects I have used them in. 


Canon EOS C200, 4K


These cameras have been used across all of my NDIA content.

For example: 

  • International Cricket Inclusion Series 2022
  • Building Skills in the Ocean: STS
  • Sam Valavanis, Participant Story
  • Marli Kelly, Participant Story
  • Supported Decision Making: Luke's Story

Panasonic GH-5 Mk II

Projects used for: 

  • Stressless Sam 2020
  • ALEA 2020

Black Magic Cinema Camera 4K

Projects used for: 

  • Harm Reduction campaign, Progressive Public Health Alliance


Canon R5 8k DSLR 

Canon EOS 600D

Canon EOS 5D

Nikon D850

These cameras have been used across all of my content, see the photo gallery below. 


DJi Air 2

4K drone used in my Masters and recreationally as well. 

Macro Photography

Camera Accessories

Aperture LS 300D II Pro

Continuous LED portable light

Atomos Ninja

GoPro Hero 8

Sony Lavalier Microphone System

Audio Mixers

Seinheisser Boom Microphone

Zoom H4N

Dji Ronin-S

Dji Osmo 3 


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