I'm Hugh Murray.
Welcome to my website.

I'm a producer, screenwriter, director and videographer.

I create content that entertains, engages and stands out in a saturated market.

If you can see this, it means I want to work with you.

Content Producer

National Disability Insurance Agency

Content I have produced, edited and delivered, working closely and comfortably

with talent, key stakeholders and the best crew a creator could ask for 

I have a proven track record recording and filming the disability community, applying the highest standard of accessibility requirements, effective communication and inclusive processes

Creating short form content as well for Instagram and TikTok

Find more of my work on NDIS' Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

Most recent work

Providing shots and edits for

Australian comedian Rohan Ganju


Projects I have produced, directed and edited

Previous projects

Commissions & Content 

Creating content that humours and entertains
Ideas followed through, no matter the medium
Developing documentaries to insight and inspire
Writing & creating content for funding and prizes
Producing content for festivals, lobbies and campaigns

Proven experience with equipment

Content made with high-tech equipment and cutting edge cast & crew. Equipment like the Panasonic Gh5, BPMCC 4K, Canon C300, Sony PXW, DJi Ronin S 

Stressless Sam (2020)

With the daily stressors of everyday life, from work to relationships, sock-smoker Sam has to find the best ways to beat the habit for good.

Writing and Direction: Hugh Murray

This short was funded by Melbourne Queer Film Festival (2020).

ALEA (2020)

Alea iacta est: the die has been cast. This experimental dance, using UV and fluorescent paint, seeks to show the aggressive war between man and nature.

Directing, Music & Cinematography: Hugh Murray

This video is now being broadcast at Federation Square, Flinders Street Station, Melbourne! 

Painted Armour (2019)

A short documentary detailing the experiences of young up and coming drag queens within the city of Melbourne.

Direction & Editing: Hugh Murray

Harm Reduction (2020)

With the help of The Progressive Health Alliance, we take a closer look at harm reduction as a policy strategy to deal with drug use and drug addiction with real-world testimonials from professionals in the field.

Cinematography: Hugh Murray

Commissioned by the Progressive Public Health Alliance

Practice Perfect (2020)

Do you have trouble following directions? Watch Sasha Mess practise her performance for a cinema ad reminding people to switch off before they switch on.

Writing & Direction: Hugh Murray

Commissioned by MQFF, an ad shown before every film.

The Zesty Port Folio

Content made in isolation with spartan equipment

(Sony PXW, Zoom H4N, Dji Osmo 3)

Spooky Birthday Bash

Showing off my Adobe skills with an event-based edit

Spooky Birthday Bash 2

What? A sequel!?

Yemeni Yum (2021)

Visuals to accompany the music of Patterson, an emerging artist on the coast of Victoria.

Direction & Cinematography: Hugh Murray

Bin Part 1 (2021)

Isolate agoraphobe David continually forgets to take the bins out for their weekly collection. Strange things begin to happen as the rubbish bins seem to have a mind of their own, haunting David and leading to dire circumstances.

Written, Direction, Cinematography: Hugh Murray

Can't be bothered to watch these fantastic videos?

I get it, you've got hobbies, you value your time, Dynasty starts in 5 minutes; so I edited together parts from my favourite projects, you're welcome!

Need more?

I have a YouTube page as well for people who want more of my work, including my efforts in journalism and commissioned projects.